7 Playtime Activities That’ll Inspire Creativity

What’s the best way to spark a child’s playtime imagination? Getting hands-on with inspiring Thomas & Friends toys and guides! From DIY projects to education-based objects, set the kiddos all aboard this interactive train track activity map that’ll send them full steam ahead to creativity.

mob-track1 train

Stop 1

Let them make up their own adventures featuring beloved characters with this Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Motorized Engine Assortment.

mob-track2 train

Stop 2

Have them craft this DIY Engineer Hat with their buddy, then take turns wearing it in the driver’s seat —because sharing creates more fun for everyone!

mob-track3 train

Stop 3

Give their motor skills an extra choo choo with this Thomas & Friends Cassia Crane & Cargo Set. Their confidence will grow as they learn to load and unload cargo and operate the crane’s claw.

mob-track4 train

Stop 4

Encourage kids to stay curious! Help them put together this DIY Cardboard Railway Station, then let them explore how it works and dream up new uses for its moving parts.

mob-track5 train

Stop 5

Let them recreate their favorite show in real life by operating this Thomas & Friends Talking Thomas & Percy Train Set, which empowers them to make their beloved characters interact.

mob-track6 train

Stop 6

Encourage organization as much as you emphasize playtime! These DIY Train Shelves make cleanup interactive and fun.

mob-track7 train

Stop 7

Help them get hands-on with customizable DIY Glitter Dough that they can knead, shape, arrange, and build to their hearts’ content.


Make playtime fun and engaging with Thomas & Friends characters.

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