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How to pair your favorite Italian dishes with fresh, effervescent Mediterranean fruit flavors all summer long.

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From Sicilian caponata to tenerina chocolate cake, the range of cuisine across Italy is impressively varied and undeniably delicious. It’s almost impossible to decide where to begin a tour through the country’s traditional fare—so why not let the Mediterranean fruit flavors of S.Pellegrino Essenza sparkling mineral water be your guide? The Italian icon’s range of effervescent tastes not only has the gentle bubbles and perfect mineral balance of its classic offering, but also features nuanced fruit flavors specifically designed to enhance your meal with a signature #EssenzaExperience from start to finish—with no artificial sweeteners and zero calories. Here’s how to add a stylish twist of refreshing flavor to classic dishes from a handful of Italy’s famed regions.

Chef-Inspired S.Pellegrino Essenza Pairings

shota nakajima

“When I think summer pasta, a nice pesto comes to mind. I love pairing this herbaceous bite with crisp, sparkling S.Pellegrino Essenza Blood Orange & Black Raspberry for a hint of sweetness that cuts through the dish.”

Nancy Silverton

“On a hot day, my favorite is a large Burgundy glass filled with ice to the brim and S.Pellegrino Essenza Lemon & Lemon Zest. The Essenza’s acidity and bubbles demand a summer Italian cheese plate with dry, salty, and sweet Piave, aromatic and buttery Avarizia, creamy Gorgonzola Dolcelatte, and some seeded crackers.”

Andrew Zimmern

“My favorite Italian foods are the briny intensity of grilled branzino with fennel, the mild charred nuance of fire-kissed cuttlefish or squid over polenta, or my own prosciutto-wrapped fish with herb sauce cooked over an open fire. The delicate acidity and natural flavors of S.Pellegrino Essenza Tangerine & Wild Strawberry not only complements the seafood, but—like a great glass of wine—it makes them taste better!”

Effortlessly pair even more of your favorite regional Italian foods with the fresh effervescence of
S.Pellegrino Essenza.

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