The Many Ways Our Pets Make Us Laugh


Our pets bring us immeasurable joy. Here, pet parents share their companions’ quirkiest—and most endearing—habits.

woman with dog smiling

Pets enrich our lives in so many ways. They wait faithfully by the door for us to return home. They curl up and purr contentedly in our laps when we’re reading a book. And if we’re feeling under the weather, they’re by our sides until we recover.

Pets can also make us laugh with their unique antics, even on the bluest of days, which is why it’s essential to make sure we look after their health and wellbeing by choosing pet insurance coverage that protects dogs, cats, birds, and even exotic animals. That way they can continue to exhibit the unusual (read: quirky) behaviors that endear us to them for years to come.

Here, pet parents share a few of those adorable quirks. (We dare you not to smile when you read them!)

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Karen P., Chicago, IL, on her dog, Griffin:

“I have no idea what breed Griffin is—he’s a complete mutt. But I think there’s some rabbit in his family tree because of his jumping run! He also tries to befriend every wild animal he meets. Recently, much to my dismay, he approached a very angry possum and went into the ‘play position’ with his tail wagging. The possum was huge and hissing like crazy. They had a standoff for a few minutes and then, thankfully, the possum scurried off into an alley.”

Heidi D., Belgrade, MN, on her cat, Carbon:

“Carbon, is a fierce fighter when he’s outdoors. Indoors, he’s our lazy house cat! He’s also our resident blanket thief, stealing a blanket if any part of it touches the floor.”

photo of pet birds

Alesha K., Reston, VA, on her birds, Diego, Zyna, and Raja:

"We have three birds, and they're all so interesting to watch! Diego waves at us when we say hello to him. He also dances by hopping around in his cage—he especially loves Eminem. We can tell when Zyna gets confused because her head does this funny wiggle, kind of like an owl. It's her way of processing something new. And Raja is scared of everything but also courageous at the same time. Right now, he's scared of hands for some reason, but he has no worries about flying around the house—sometimes he even gets lost, and I have to go find him."

Jeanne A., Pennock, MN, on her cats, Roscoe and Ozzie:

“We adopted two siblings who love chasing reflective lights on the walls. Sometimes, my husband will play mouse videos and both cats will just sit and watch the mice run back and forth—they get completely engrossed in those videos!”

white dog with blue eyes

Ilana W., Philadelphia, PA, on her dog, Ollie:

“Ollie gets the ‘scratchies’ and I’ve never seen anything like it. When he gets really happy or excited to see one of his favorite humans, he will lie on his side up against them. The only way to describe it is doing the Running Man super-fast with his front paws, without moving anything else. He gets so excited that he has literally ripped up carpets and slashed sofas while doing it!”

Luna L. of New York, NY, on her parrot, Coco:

"My 10-year-old parrot, Coco, has this funny habit of saying, ‘Goodbye now. Time to take the dogs out!’ every time we leave the house. We also take her out for walks with the dogs and, just like them, Coco wears a leash."

photo of sleeping cats

Cassi B., Sacramento, CA, on her cats, Glacier and Yosemite:

"We have two cats that we named after national parks since my fiancé and I love the outdoors. Yosi, short for Yosemite, is a pretty typical cat, immediately claiming ownership of anything flat by sitting on it--napkins, laptops, you name it. Glacier is probably the most interesting cat I've ever met, and he's basically Houdini. He once got stuck in our guest bathroom by pushing the door open, closing it behind him, and pulling open the bathroom drawers so we couldn't open the door from the outside. It took a good 45 minutes and some clever use of barbecue skewers to get the drawers shut so the door could open, but we did rescue him. Needless to say, we put child locks on all the drawers after that!"

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